Tuesday, July 29, 2008

23rd July, 2008.

Attended the WeBS Local Organizers Advisory Committee (LOAC) meeting at the BTO HQ. What a wonderful integration of ancient and modern The Nunnery building displays!!
A very useful meeting, which finished late afternoon and thereby allowed an exploration of Thetford itself, the home of Thomas Paine. I'd not realised his involvement in France around the period of the French Revolution. His support for the uprising, but his advocation that the King be exiled rather than executed, which brought about a threat of imprisonment from Robespierre from which he narrowly escaped!! He is also credited with creating the name, the United States of America where he lived for many years.
Escapism is also linked to Thetford itself in another way as the film location of that beloved series " Dads Army" ( yes, Ok, I enjoyed them too!! ).

Spent a great evening birding with Mark Collier locally. Managed absolutely phenomenal views of Nightjar....perched churring, hunting, wing clapping and showing shape and markings off in mind boggling displays of sinuous flight.

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