Wednesday, September 29, 2010

26th September, 2010.

As I left home the sun rose in a clear sky, strong and bright behind the dark silhouette of the eastern hills, and lit up the white horses at Ellister Farm turning them into shining steeds. By contrast the bowling green at Bridgend was a white square of frost, evidence of the clear night we'd had but both aspects holding portent for a nice day. And so it was!

Stationed in the Sound of Jura a small number of Chaffinch were obviously passing south along with two Lapland Bunting within the first couple of hours. The remaining part of the day was rather quiet, although a young, almost inquisitive Red-throated Diver kept things alive by approaching really close, feeding, resting and preening. It occurred to me that I might have been its first encounter with humanity ( no comments please, not even on post cards!) given that it was so confiding. Equally exciting were sightings of an adult White-tailed Eagle at various points along the Sound , including perched in a Scots Pine. The tremendous size of these birds takes some appreciation!! A couple of marauding Ravens were shrugged off and looked Jackdaw sized by comparison when flying alongside the bird, which simply ignored them.

Much of the day was spent in the company of an Otter , and then two, that eventually went to sleep, wrapped around one another, on one of the kelp beds just offshore, of which I'll write more later.

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