Friday, August 14, 2009

13th August, 2009.

The day of the Islay and Jura Agricultural Show, with even the weather being kind.

Warblers local to home now seem to have "dried up" , although an odd Northern Wheatear and a Whinchat put in an appearance. I suspect we are to see some really large numbers of Meadow Pipit in the next couple of weeks as local presence is already high even before the main passage from the north reaches us.

An enjoyable day at the Show. It seemed larger than normal numbers of stock had been entered and an increased number of displays to be present. The RSPB even managed to win the Show Champion slot with a young white heifer, whose value at the winter sales will doubtless now be enhanced by the recognition. A large part of the day is spent talking to friends and acquaintances , as it's a misnomer to believe that just because you live on an island you're forever bumping into everyone you know. For me there was an opportunity to check who had Grey-lag Geese visiting newly cut silage fiels or emergent re-seeds, to check with a couple of the keepers how "their" local pair of eagles had done this year and to have a good long chat with "Pat the Bat", an RSPB volunteer who hails from Surrey and who visits annually to help with work on the reserve. During these visits he's put a few good bat records " on the map" and is always full of sound advice and assistance. A good day and a deserving one for all the hard work which is put into the event by the local organizers.

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