Monday, May 10, 2010

9th May,2010.

Away from Islay for a period so, given the virtual absence of resident active birders on the island, people away etc , hope there's plenty of folk around to record what will inevitably be a rush of migrants once these northerly winds cease, although the season marches on! Last year it was commenting on successive easterlies, this year northerlies seem to have taken over!!!

A smooth ferry crossing with the usual array of seabirds, but nothing spectacular. The drive northwards up the west coast and then up the Great Glen was tremendous,the views spiritually uplifting and a joy to behold. With a high cloud base the peaks were fully revealed to dramatic effect in the sunshine. Some lenses of snow remain in sheltered areas or high corries but the "open" slopes were either in shadow, providing a dark, almost malevolent, contrast with their neighbours, many of which were blessed by the sunlight and visible many miles away. Birds, as ever, on a very mobile journey of this sort, were few in number, but odd Grasshopper Warbler reeling away, even in the afternoon, were doubtless recent migrants announcing their arrival, with their efforts being supplemented by the songs of countless Willow Warblers in all the glens.

A report from a colleague on Tiree of a recently arrived Little Egret there could provide the answer to where the long-staying bird on Islay has ended up. It appeared to move in mid-April so it might be the same bird, but we'll never know!!!

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