Thursday, September 2, 2010

In pursuit of the Grey lag! 1.9.2010

A long hard day covering a large proportion of the island in order to count Grey lag Geese. Thankfully the RSPB was able to cover the Gruinart Reserve area and Ardnave.

The weather was kind and conditions calm, which helps sometimes as you can hear birds calling way before you see them! With some results still to be sent in the job now remains that sees all the figures put together and any anomalies ruled out. Thankfully two major "centres", where birds were present, were counted at the same time which , thankfully, avoided any thoughts of duplication!! The final report will go to Scottish Natural Heritage and assist with future considerations of how best the management of the large numbers of geese we play host to on Islay in winter can best proceed in future years. I reminded myself that, at the very end of this month ( is it that close? ), the first few of our wintering geese will begin to filter in and, increasingly then, swell the numbers present overall.

Whilst I didn't really have much opportunity to look for other things a delight , whilst eating lunch at Loch Skerrols, was to have a Goldcrest no more than a metre away in an adjacent bush. With its pale surround, the eye looks really large at close quarters! A small flock of Wigeon on Loch Indaal provided, along with increasing numbers of waders ,an increasing indication of autumn descending upon us.

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