Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, 21st January,2011.

A day spent on Jura in reasonable weather, although not as nice and bright as yesterday. Very light winds and "grey" light throughout provided enjoyable conditions.

Seabird presence has increased noticeably with Black Guillemots being more in evidence, one showing off its full summer plumage! Completing fixed point observations at regular intervals over several hours makes you appreciate the patterns which emerge in bird activity. Strong tidal currents, in either direction dependant on the cycle, transport birds within the Sound , only for them to fly back and repeat the process. You can actually see Eider and Shag going through this process at several points during the day! Another element which intrigues me is gull migration. At this time of year Common, Herring and GBBG numbers increase here and, soon, we can expect the first LBBG to commence their arrival. Very seldom are there any heavy movements, but doubtless the few birds seen here and there are actually on migration as we know it! Yesterday saw a small number of GBBG's move through north, and not necessarily within the Sound , but over open moorland too.

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