Wednesday, April 16, 2008

15th April, 2008.

A day which gave out a definite feeling of being in limbo!!

Beautiful weather and visibility and yet nothing really happening! No discernible changes in bird populations/species with still several hundred Barnacle Geese " hanging on", plus a few Greenland White-fronted Geese, but little or no evidence of any general arrival of migrants. Having said that Chaffinch , Greenfinch and Goldfinch numbers continue to increase and fluctuate widely locally with some evidence of passage.

A meeting associated with survey work (Ravens ) and details arriving of the RSPB Merlin Survey, all of which can be added to the burgeoning list needing input ( Heronry Census, Breeding Bird Squares, Waterways Breeding Bird Survey and, of course, the Atlas!! ).

The arrival and influence of the predicted period of easterly winds for this part of the country is awaited as doubtless they will alter the above situation ( and be colder!! ).

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