Thursday, April 17, 2008

16th April, 2008.

Things are happening at last!!! Whilst there was little that was new over the sea some large groups of auks going north were clearly destined for their breeding colonies. Strangely enough a steady trickle of Kittiwakes moved south!! Having waited for the wind changing, it has, with a vengeance, in that we have a Force 5 ENE that's also quite cold. Two Canada Geese (nominate race ) came in from the south and then continued northwards.

Various woodland blocks were visited but produced only a few Willow Warbler and a single singinging Chiffchaff. By contrast Gruinart had two Black-tailed Godwit, 4 pairs of Gadwall, several singing Willow Warbler , a Swallow and several Sand Martin, ample evidence that things are actually now beginning to change. Good numbers of male Shoveler were around with not one female in view suggesting they're already down on eggs.

Barnacle Geese numbers appear further depleted and very few Greenland White-fronts now remain. Viewing Loch Indaal was a little difficult but certainly several Great Northern Divers remain, waders are much depleted with the Arctic migrants awaited and the anticipated ( hoped for ) arrival , or passage of terns, was absent. [ by contrast my son reported having had 27 Sandwich Terns over the centre of Rotherham, South Yorshire, in the morning, evidence that easterlies were having an effect elsewhere!!! ]

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