Wednesday, May 7, 2008

6th May, 2008.

An electricity supply failure at the very point of my wishing to sumit this previously caused it to be late, for which apologies!!!! The joys of living in the remote countryside can be various and unexpected even during such a spell of continuing , absolutely glorious weather!!!

If I was a financier I suspect I'd be talking about a net reduction in assets as such appears to be the situation with some of our birds compared to even yesterday!!! Both on Loch Indaal and Loch Gruinart the number, and variety, of waders has reduced so we await the next wave of passage. Numbers of terns were much reduced and other species had clearly moved on. Two redpolls heard, and then seen for a short period, were not Lesser Redpoll but, for the male bird, appeared to be typical C. flammeus and will have to be the subject of a report to the County Rarities Committee.
Yet again Whimbrel featured prominently with several groups seen, one even feeding on damp pasture above my house. Whilst it is doubtless a feature of this year's passage and weather conditions combined various people are noticing and commenting about them . These are presumably all bound for Iceland having wintered on the western and southern coasts of Africa and are simply using Islay as a staging post. Interestingly enough, when I was associated with the Wintersett Ringing Station in West Yorkshire many years ago, migrant spring Whimbrel were most often seen to move directly north eastwards presumably as part of the Scandinavian breeding population.

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