Thursday, May 8, 2008

7th May, 2008.

A rather mixed day combining Atlas work, discussions on Ravens with various people and necessary " domestics" before being away at the weekend.
Common Sandpiper figured prominently , without much effort on my part, as they're much into display and nest site selection and determining six different territories was pleasing! A necessary tidying up of my log pile was frustrated by the discovery of a Pied Wagtail nest, with four eggs, right in the centre, demanding some delicate camouflage and engineering work. The bird was completely unfazed and zoomed back in within minutes!!
Noticing 11 Small Tortoiseshell butterflies fluttering about in the barn windows I caught them all up and released them together. To my surprise they went off high and fast over the moor, in all directions, like children spilling out through a school gate!! Same approach to freedom I guess!!

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