Wednesday, October 15, 2008

15th October, 2008.

This entry is as much a situation report as anything!! For most of this week I shall be immersed in completing reports on one thing or another , having had to conjure up the self discipline to resist birding and do some proper work!! From enquiries not a lot that's new appears to be around, thankfully.
Next week I shall have my daughters here challenging my skills as entertainments manager, referee, cook and host and my patience to withstand not being able to watch my favourite TV programmes!!! However, I'm much looking forward to it and the opportunity it brings to explore odd new corners of Islay and have some fun!

I'm planning to do some early morning migration watches, as a test, from the house and just to check whether anything worthwhile occurs. Sadly, the west coast of Islay doesn't appear that good compared to many spots but I can't believe it's devoid of interest either. Certainly not a great number of passerines pass along the coast at Frenchman's Rocks. We shall see!!!

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