Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7th October,2008.

A dreadful day for weather in that it rained end to end so I was thankful that I'd two or three meetings to attend
Discussions at SNH about BTO Atlas work on Jura over the coming winter and next summer reinforced the necessity to recruit any and everybody to submit records from their visits to that island. It really is so big!! Given that the earliest ferry from Islay is not that early and the travelling time needed to get "up" the island is not insubstantial, the only solution is to be temporarily resident there, which was the object of the meeting. However, anybody reading this who is to take holidays there at any time, please , please consider making available your obsevations as any input will be invaluable. Please read the BTO website first to get details re the Atlas survey. Additionally I'm also hoping to do something similar personally on other occasions next year in terms of recording moths as so little appears to have been completed previously on Jura.

Down to The Oa, not to be seen at its best in damp and dreary weather, to discuss results associated with Raven distribution and breeding this year. The next task is to put all the data together and come to a view as to the current population levels and breeding success this season.

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