Saturday, May 30, 2009

29th May,2009.

Despite the nice (enough) weather have spent the last two days updating BTO Atlas material, inputs to the database etc. It's rather windy, despite the nice sunny conditions, which is a shame! Also restricted due to having damaged two tyres whilst out checking sites for Grey lag Goose productivity. The downside of living in wonderful wilderness areas is the fact that convenient recourse to material things is something that requires arrangement, in this case next Tuesday when the items are delivered from the mainland!!!!!

Moth trapping is a bit slow, but night time temperatures now begining to creep up, but then being spoilt by the wind. Had to concede defeat and bring in the trap as it was being moved around last night!!! Enquiries today revealed no reports of Painted Lady butterflies on Islay so far, but numbers have been recorded in North Lancashire and Dumfries and Galloway so we might yet be lucky!

Mid-evening saw the presence of a single Collared Dove in the garden, which is quite an event and obviously involved a bird on the move as the nearest are quite a distance away. An obvious advantage to having a garden with only three bushes is that you can more easily spot visitors!!!

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