Sunday, May 3, 2009

2nd May.2009.

A rather routine day spent completing BTO Atlas work, which, sadly, generated no nice surprises!! Overall, the situation is still not fully advanced here as far as summer migrants are concerned, but, then, I reminded myself that it is only the very begining of May. I wonder how much our thoughts and expectations are tempered by the fact that there were a few early arrivals, but we're only just into the time when the majority of visitors would be with us if we make comparisons with earlier years?

We express concern about the effects climate change is having and the earlier arrival of some migrants and then express equal concern when other species appear to be slightly late !! A friend based in Tanzania recently expressed worries that little or nothing had moved through Arusha and then , with much jubilation, announced "They're here"!!! I guess we've still much to learn about the influences of weather and other local effects, and seasonal aberrations will always occur anyway,'s the long term changes that are the real worry!

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