Thursday, August 6, 2009

5th August,2009. (additional posting ).

Based on some information passed by a colleague the following are facts that, in England at least, might receive serious consideration by the Government's Agency, Natural England, and its overarching role relating to the natural fabric of the countryside and the wildlife it contains!

I understand that up to 86% of grouse moors in England may be designated as , or within, SSSI's ( Sites of Special Scientific Interest ). Given that , in many cases , the very justification upon which that designation rests includes the species present , or using, the area , some of which are now being persecuted, leads one to a realisation a little more should be done to scrutinise why such national wildlife " value" is being undermined. To bring in a cultural analagy again, if the roof of the National Gallery was leaking one would expect the Trustees, or whoever is responsible , to do something about it.

Under designation a series of "damaging acts" can be scheduled which are deemed detrimental to the value of the site and should not implemented. Given the applied elements of grouse moor management include, in some cases , the reduction of raptor species that are seen to be in conflict with the aims and productivity of the moor, the way forward would seem clear! Until such time as persecution ceases Natural England should ban grouse shooting as a damaging act , a radical move that I guess would indicate how seriously the situation has become.

Given past history with our Government agencies I doubt such a possibility would even get to committee stage for consideration!! And perhaps that's the real problem ! But given that the whole system seems to be in melt down, perhaps we should accept that such agencies are little more than Nero's footsoldiers and turn to prayer!

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