Sunday, August 2, 2009

!st August, 2009.

A bit of a miserable day in reality with mist, showers, rain and little change! A call from a local keeper led to an opportunity to examine two Puss Moth caterpillars he'd found near his home. What magnificent creatures they were too! Bright green with a lavendar coloured "saddle" on the back and a two pronged tail!!

Went through to Andy's for a meal with James and Elsie Wolstencroft and family. An evening where we put conservation to rights, considered skua passage routes around Islay, lamented various emergent problems in Africa and enjoyed the inevitable "craic"! Great to see them again , even if we can't match the weather with that of Tanzania. In a local context, Andy mentioned he thought one pair of " his" Tree Sparrows on The Oa may have laid a second clutch!! Wouldn't this be great if this was the start of a permanent presence!!

The journey back from the south east of the island to the south west produced multiple good sightings of various mammals.........Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Brown Hare, Rabbit, and Hedgehog.

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