Friday, September 11, 2009

10th September,2009.

A really nice day with afternoon temperatures better than comfortable!!

A further round of Grey-lag Goose counts produced similar figures to previously. Time was spent going through as many of the birds as possible looking for neck collars,but to no avail. Marking has been carried out elsewhere and that possibility , at least for some of the birds, necessarily needs to be covered.

Whilst there was little on outer Loch Indaal , the mid section showed several Red-throated Divers, one pair with a well grown youngster they'd obviously brought from their breeding lochan. There appears to be somewhat of a lull in wader numbers at the moment with the high numbers of previously having moved on. Reminders of summer were Arctic Terns, Whinchat and Swallows, but an early indication of autumn was the number of Robins distributed around, even in odd places!! Our population in autumn and winter is boosted quite dramatically by immigrant birds even, it would seem, at this early stage!.

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