Monday, September 7, 2009

7th September, 2009.

Thankfully a good day to complete the Grey-lag Goose survey!! Fine weather with good visibility and no rain!

Whilst the final results aren't in the weather meant that we all enjoyed good coverage. A major count I had on the Bridgend Merse involved birds that were resting, bathing or simply hanging around. Many barley fields have not yet been harvested which, compared to last year, was an activity completed!! Tomorrow I should be in a position to determine whether we've more birds around than in previous years. We can consider conclusions then!!

A bonus midday was an immature White-tailed Eagle moving north of Loch Skerrols being mobbed by Buzzards. Thankfully it avoided Inner Loch Indaal and moved south east over high land ,as opposed to disturbing all the Grey-lag Geese I'd just counted!!! A real " barn door" ragged immature as my notebook records!

In passing, odd Northern Wheatear still around, lots of Linnets ( they appear to have had a very good season ) and an appreciable number of " White" Wagtail amongst the many wagtail parties around. On the way home a female Hen Harrier created havoc over several moorland stretches, lifting endless., otherwise unrecorded Meadow Pipits, into an aerial parade of anxious, calling individuals.

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