Thursday, October 15, 2009

15th October,2009.

Another early post given the constraints of the current circumstances!!

Being tied to home more than normal I tried an early morning migration watch from the yard. Not the US of A idea of the "backyard" but merely standing on the concrete apron between the house and the barn and looking eagerly northwards. Not a lot, it must be said, and, indeed, we seem to be in an almost strange period of vacuum at the moment with very little on the move. Passage of many passerines, notably pipits , seems to have been early, thrushes, as yet, aren't that obvious and finches are virtually absent. Perhaps weather, perhaps geographical, but a bit frustrating.

Some readers may find it strange no reports of raptor persecution, Hen harrier success etc has been mentioned of late. Such is quite deliberate as it happens. The various complaints and " issues" arising between the Lancashire Police and raptor workers in the Forest of Bowland resulted in a series of formal complaints being submitted through a legal advocate. To their credit the Lancashire Police have instituted an internal inquiry to examine the issues involved and various people are being asked for statements of fact or observation., myself included given the twenty years I had running protection schemes in the area, organizing survey work etc and, necessarily liaising with the Police , landowners and other factions. Having encouraged people to view the site ( Raptor Politics ) it seemed courteous to mention why the "traffic" is a little restricted at present. Until such time as the inquiry is completed it also seems senssible to limit any reportage and comment and to treat the matter on a very formal basis.

And finally, and differently......... I had the following sent through to me by a colleague.

This is topiary with a difference and, as I understand it, are examples present within some Botannical Gardens in Montreal. I've many others but , obviously, space prevents showing all of them. The one following is my own favourite and, I think, very clever indeed.

There is real artistry in the capture of the flight positions of the ducks concerned, so full marks to the creator and to the photographer. There are many others and should I ever go to Montreal I'd certainly ensure I visited and took in the whole selection!

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