Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7th October, 2009.

Well, back from the dead and all the usual sentiments of apology! Have managed to set aside the yoke of work and be in a position to engage with real involvement............birding!!!

Confess that after finishing some necessary commitments I just went out today and had a good days birding and immersed myself in birds, a visit to the island's metropolis ( Bowmore ), shopping and a good gossip!! My God, has she......really....did she...all that stuff.. In some ways , it's far more important than the Tory Party Conference, international terrorism and such like when you live divorced from reality in so many respects in a place like this.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my time with birds. Nothing special, just views! An appreciable number of Barnacle Geese are in with an estimated total ( by me) of 18-19,000 already. October 7th is usually a date at which we can anticipate some birds being in evidence , but, this year, higher numbers than expected were around and slightly earlier. Similarly the Solway population of Barnacle Geese showed 14,000+ to be present yesterday. The interesting thing about this is that they are from Svalbard ( Spitsbergen ) and our birds are from Greenland. Were weather conditions that awry generally across the whole Arctic to cause such an evacuatiuon? Is the rest of " our " wintering population currently "holed up " in Iceland en route from Greenland.... or what? All interesting stuff!!

And finally, congratulations to No. 1 son and Rose on their engagement!!

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