Wednesday, November 17, 2010

16th November,2010.

A very cold dawn broke and the two sheepdogs acted more like Huskies as I was dragged down the icy lane. And I never thought I would appreciate Islay's weather!!

Bird wise I have to say the early morning and evening "overflights" of geese are
impressive and banish any feelings of homesickness. Grey-lag and Pink-footed Geese come in from the east in the morning to feed on the stubble fields around Beauly and beyond. In the still morning air Whooper Swans could be heard bugling on the nearby Firth adding further atmosphere to an emerging scene where the gleaming snow capped peaks to the north were now being picked out by the morning sun.

As ever passerines like Bullfich, Lesser Redpoll and Long-tailed Tit were a nice attraction compared to species seen around my home where Choughs and Ravens are more likely!

And finally, an apology ( and from a Yorkshire man too mind!) The piece I wrote about Eagle Owl predation on Hen harriers has an error within it!! The Eagle Owl alighted on the harriers nest in the dim light of dawn and disturbed the incubating female Hen Harrier ( not an Eagle Owl as I stated). Sadly the harrier never returned afterwards. Thanks to Tony Warburton ( World Owl Trust ) for spotting the error as the situation is complicated enough at present without me inserting doubt and confusion.

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