Friday, November 19, 2010

19 th November,2010.

An early post! Whilst Islay enjoyed sightings of a number of flocks and small parties of Wawings recently, such was nothing compared to the numbers seen in NE Scotland. Various ringing groups have been busy previous to the main "thrust" of birds moving on and quite appreciable numbers have been caught and ringed, with some being fitted with colour rings too. Around 90 were caught in the Inverness area, with similar success in Orkney and Aberdeen. A bird ringed in Aberdeen was noted in Cumbria seven days later so the movement through was quite rapid. So,if any more find their way across to the Hebrides it's certainly worthwhile taking a close look at them if the occasion arises.

The other movement tipped as being underway ,or even intensifying, is that of Redpoll species with some interesting records arising already. Whilst there's a lot of nice habitat hereabouts to Kirkhill all birds I've managed to get close views of so far have been Lesser Redpoll. Clearly need to try harder!

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