Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8th December,2010. Cheery news from BTO..

It seemed too good to be true! A return from the mainland without having picked up some bug or another, and not the sort in hedgerows either!! So, several days on and I've just thrown off some spurious flu infection that I thought I'd sort out in a couple of days. Clearly a different strain to that provided for by the seasonal jab!! Trouble is, I've survey work to get stuck into and some serious rescheduling is now required.

But amongst all this angst and frustration some news has emerged that is heartening and bodes well for the future. At its Annual Conference last weekend at Swanwick, Derbyshire the British Trust for Ornithology announced to the hardy individuals who had fought snow, road closures and the like that it was to re-brand! A new logo and fresh website were revealed as part of the process, as well as redefined objectives. Take a look at and get a flavour of what is in store. There is a video of Andy Clement's presentation which fully explains the reasons behind this updating of the organization's image and approaches for the future.

The logo grows on you more you consider it. I'll not spoil the effect, but I have to confess I always thought the Gannet logo was a little "flat". Whilst it represented the organization it conveyed little about what was involved other than some connection with birds. Its replacement is a great improvement in my view. The web site is much clearer than previously with all the expected links, but with topical information centrally placed. Again, take a look, get the flavour of the change and, most of all, if your association with BTO in the past has been marginal consider yourself being part of the revised approach. It makes sense, it's a great organization!!

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