Friday, December 24, 2010

Only two days to normality!! 24/12/2010.

The "normality" is not an attempt to cancel Christmas, but to rejoice in the appearance of Boxing Day when, we are told, the weather will improve!! I was going to label the top picture, in the words of the song,

"It's a new day, it's a new dawn......and I'm feeling good!!"

Well the dark clouds to the left of the picture then moved south and we got some more snow, not a lot, but a reminder things aren't yet over. Whilst the road is still bad, it is all rather picturesque, as the general picture of the house shows. For some, water availability is now beginning to be a problem, given the succession of low night temperatures have really begun to bite and the usually reliable supplies "off the hill" are now freezing up!

Due to last minute changes in arrangements, work, and various other matters, I'm now going to "sign off" until the New Year. May I wish everyone all best wishes for Christmas and 2011 and thank the various people, who have been in touch by E-mail, for their kind wishes and encouraging remarks about the Blog . What was it they used to say on TV, "Service will be resumed as soon as possible", in this case 1/01/11

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