Sunday, March 27, 2011

And talking of Whooper Swans! 26.3. 2011.

A day on Jura, albeit rather quiet in many respects. The weather in the first part of the day was glorious, even to the extent of "caps off" for a couple of hours! An essential turning point in any spring in my case! Numbers of birds in the Sound have somewhat reduced, other than Shag, but the variety of species has improved as species move north or return to their breeding haunts.

There was little wind and the overall atmosphere was tranquil most of the day. Set against this was a high flying party of 14 Whooper Swans moving north against a blue sky peppered with light cloud. Their effortless and soundless progression, other than the musical, but low, bugling calls of seemingly reassurance and encouragement they exchanged, was almost ethereal as their equal spaced line moved north. A fine sight and the type of experience of migration I have never ever found other than uplifting!

Good views of Golden Eagle, its head and nape glinting in the sun as it wheeled around and of several Great Northern Divers in various stages of transitional plumage all served to provide an enjoyable day.

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