Friday, March 11, 2011

Second day of goose census..

After a wind disrupted, as opposed to violent , night the weather began to calm down throughout the morning, although one or two squalls were in evidence. It meant the second day of the International census of Greenland white-fronted Geese could proceed as planned, and so it did.

In contrast to yesterday, Barnacal Geese were more in evidence in our sector, even to the extent of containing two "hutchinsii" Canada Geese as well as a bonus. Greenland White-fronts were much as yesterday, with one notable concentration contrasted to many small groups. Again, by contrast, Grey lag Geese appeared to have dispersed more widely and , frustratingly, heads appeared too often from the depths of juncus
A single Skylark was of note and Meadow Pipits, whose arrival back usually begins in the first week in March and are eagerly awaited, have yet to make their mark. Doubtless they were forced much farther south than normal, due to the bad weather, and have enjoyed a winter sojourn in near Mediterranean climes! Goldfinches are beginning to dribble through and Chaffinches are more in evidence as well.

Best of the day was watching two Golden Eagles in display. However, the situation was confused somewhat by discovering one of the birds was an immature, in fact a bird from last year showing a prominent white tail base and pronounced black terminal band. Knowing the history of this site this information has both promise for success, eventually, and for failure. Intriguing!

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