Monday, July 12, 2010

12th July, 2010.

An early entry summarising a few enjoyable days with the girls and the dogs! Local walks, as previously, are always good value given the amount of woodland cover and varied habitat. Odd species are still singing, albeit in not as sustained a way or as vibrant as earlier in the season. Local Blackap and Whitethroat still offer up the odd phrase and Skylark and Yellowhammer both were in full song a couple of days ago. Local Siskin, Goldfinch, titmice, and thrushes are all in evidence around the garden and a Great Spotted Woodpecker calls in on occasion. Good views of a female Sparrowhawk gliding into the adjacent woodland tightly grasping some prey in its talons suggested breeding.

The good news is the car is ready for collection tomorrow and we successfully managed to bath two unco-operative sheepdogs, both with a wriggle factor of A+++++++!! They look divine but refuse to acknowledge it!!

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