Friday, July 2, 2010

1st July,2010.

The high winds and rain occurring overnight and into the morning dashed my initial intentions of completing further survey work. True to form the weather finally improved when it was too late to take much advantage from it!!

Further north silage fields had been cut and gathered and local Choughs were taking full benefit from scouring the newly exposed areas for food. In all 20 birds were counted spread over a couple of flocks which ties in well with previous counts. Soon numbers of LBBG, Herring Gull and Common Gulls will be searching the fields on the same mission!

Driving past the Loch Gruinart Reserve I was absorbed by a "hovering" Buzzard that was very gradually and clumsily descending until it was only 4m. from the car and 2m from the ground. The wings could be heard quite distinctly as they swept back and forth and it almost seemed likely the bird would fall from the sky!! With it's legs extended it dropped a little lower , but obviously a little too far , as suddenly a Corncrake erupted out of the grass below it and flew a short distance away. Obviously the Buzzard had seen it creeping about in the grass and had a few thoughts of its own on the subject!! Shortly afterwards a female Sparrowhawk swept across the Flats, the first I've seen in a while given they're never very obvious at this time of year whilst they're breeding.

Pied Wagtails appear to have had a good breeding season and are around in many places. Linnet, Lesser Redpoll and Goldfinch are already forming feeding parties and several were seen in the Port Charlotte area.

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