Wednesday, August 13, 2008

13th August, 2008.

After a rather foul day yesterday, today was gorgeous, with open skies and warm sunshine, and it was relatively calm.
An early seawatch, after watching the women's Olympic cycling time trial and our medal success (!!), produced little variety but nearly 5000 Manx Shearwaters south in two hours, passage then falling off dramatically. Well over 100 Fulmars also went south, with one single migrating "flock" of 23! Gannets, as ever, a few Oystercatcher, a Curlew and Whimbrel comprised the rest.

A wide variety of typical autumn waders on Loch Indaal but nothing exceptional.

Rabbits....myxamatosis is affecting many of the rabbits on the island. The big warren above the house, doubtless the reliable larder for the local eagles, Buzzards, Raven and Hooded Crows has been hit hard, although not terribly far from that area , at Claddach, the populations appear not to have been affected

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