Thursday, August 28, 2008

27th August, 2008.

A rather poor day with intervals of driving rain and mist, although quite mild. Attended the RSPB "Bat Walk" at Gruinart in the evening which was marred by poor weather in many respects. Nonetheless we had a series of views, and registrations on the bat detectors, and successive parties of Grey lag Geese flew over to their roost on Loch Gruinart.
I was amused by the thought of the gentleman, who's cottage is in a similar situation to mine, ie remote, blissfully unaware of 25 people staring intently at his porch from whose roof emerged the Pipistrelle Bats until he, in turn, looked out of the window. I couldn't help thinking what my reaction would have been .......casting a view around for the space craft I suspect!!! However we're used to strange goings on on Islay!!!!

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