Friday, November 14, 2008

13th November, 2008.

Yet another day of contrast with rolling mists present throughout the whole day on the south Rinns making it pointless as far as birdwatching was concerned.

The time afforded the opportunity to review various arrangements and plans, particularly for doing BTO Atlas work on Jura. Hopefully we'll get a spell of weather that is a little bit more predictable than of late!!

The Grey lag Goose numbers appear to have reduced quite markedley and similar to the pattern in previous autumns. Whilst we received no further large influx the large "packs" have now broken up, but there is probably no more than 500 birds present across the island. This means around 1000 have moved elsewhere leaving us guessing yet again as to their destination. News came of a collared bird having been seen but of the collar details not having been secured. If this bird remains,and is seen again, it could be an invaluable piece of evidence in what still remains a very intriguing mystery.

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