Sunday, November 9, 2008

8th November, 2009.

Back in harness again after a further week of " technical tussles". Today was a day of two halves, with the second doubtless being a prelude to the forecasted battering we are to experience over the next few days!!

Birdwatching around Loch Indaal was enjoyable but with nothing particularly notable present. The wintering populations are begining to settle down and waders generally seemed to be in fewer numbers. The Scaup flock was huddled in three distinct groups near the shore and provided a fine sight. As in previous winters the total number seems to be reduced but there is still plenty of time for it to be supplemented. Amazingly I couldn't find one Slavonian Grebe set against the high figure seen previously, but I guess that was a consequence of a wind backed tide making the sighting of small birds out on the loch somewhat difficult.

Light bellied Brent Geese seem to be with us in slightly better numbers with nearly fifty on the loch compared to more recent wintering numbes of 30+.

A couple of hours spent, yet again, searching for what I suspect was a Rough legged Buzzard met with as much lack of success as previously!! First glimpsed briefly on the 16th October the next occasion saw an equally short lived view of the bird battling across the moor during a sleet squall on the 28th. So frustrating when two thirds of the features are seen, but not everything. an absolute necessity in my book I'm afraid. Sadly it may now be miles away!! Suffice to say that , over the past couple of years, there has been a very pale Common Buzzard around in the Loch Gorm area, a very attractive bird but much different in shape and general impression. This has given rise to all sorts of suggestions as to what it might be but, generally, without a mention of the most obvious!!. The lesson being that Common Buzzards are quite varied in ther plumages and care is needed when other species are suspected......

Finally made it home before the worst of it set in!

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