Tuesday, November 18, 2008

18th November, 2008.

A better day with the wind subsiding. Noticed we're now approaching dusk at 1610hours so we're really into winter!!

Goose counting for SNH along the whole southern sector of the island. The 18th and the 19th November are designated International Count dates when, here, the main objective is to ensure we try get very precise counts of geese which then assists in the construction of population numbers. Currently this is particularly important for Greenland White-fronted Geese as their numbers have reduced noticeably over recent years. Doubtless this is due to problems on the breeding grounds and productivity levels as the winter quarters and circumstances surrounding these remain the same, i.e. feeding areas generally remain intact and no shooting is allowed. The same route as today will be followed tomorrow and the counts from both days compared to try and obtain the most critical total figure as is possible.

Strangely little of particular note seen ....numbers of Buzzards, male Hen Harrier, probably 200 in total in one flock of Starling, Fieldfare and Redwing on The Oa with the latter, all dark birds with very bold breast markings and wide prominent eyestripes,being in the much greater majority.

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