Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13th January,2009.

A hectic day trying to get various things arranged and finalised before being away for what is almost a fortnight. Top of the list was stacking up the feeders for what now appears to be a regular squad of dependants, including the long staying single Coal Tit and Blue Tit duo, Reed Buntings, Chaffinces , Dunnock and Blacbirds. Despite almost predictable visits in the half hour before dusk a Sparrowhawk has failed to deplete these regulars, even when it perched on top of the only substantial bush in the garden and peered intently into the interior on a very agitated Coal Tit!!!

There has been no update on the Canvasback I'm afraid to say. I feel somewhat guilty at not having been able to provide some determined news prior to my departure and, at a time of year when there's not many, if any, visiting birders. The weather at the weekend is not going to be a help given there's a predicted period of Force 10 winds , and plenty of Force 8 during the quieter times!!! I'm going to try and be on line so may be able to provide an update or two from afar.

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