Friday, January 2, 2009

1st January,2009.

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, things didn't quite get off to the start we wanted! After going down to the village to watch the fireworks display to celebrate the New Year nothing really happened, so we came back home!! Later we learned they'd actually begun at 0045hours....everything has a timeless quality on Islay, even the New Year!

A tour around the south Rinns later in the day turned up nothing special except a few geese and waders. It was strange that, even seeing birds encountered over the last few days. brought with it a new excitement! A large pack of Barnacle Geese at Octomore (1500-2000) [ you're not really going to count them , are you Dad?] unfortunately included nothing else. The sea off the west coast showed nothing except two blokes fishing from a rowing boat!! Amidst a changing display of passerines in the garden of 11 species ( remember only three bushes ) a passing female Hen Harrier , quite a large one actually, caused temporary havoc. And so the start to the new recording year commenced!!

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