Tuesday, December 8, 2009

7th December, 2009.

A segmented day due to appointments! An opportunity in the morning to be out on the coast and a nearby moor linked with one of the better weather periods of the day! The sea is now largely devoid of birds other than those immediately along the coastline.. Herring Gulls appear to hang about around the nearby village, their ringing cries redolent of a seaside location, with G.B.B.G.'s more frequently along the coast and often taking advantage of bathing at a freshwater loch. The moorland provided a patiently hunting female Hen Harrier and a very close male Merlin , whose powder blue coloration was magnificent!

Discussions held relating to the BTO having an Atlas contract worker on Jura for a few days in order to tackle the more far flung areas of the island. Such is necessary, as trying to accomodate logistical demands by travelling from here just doesn't work, particularly in winter!! I sincerely hope he hits a good, stable period of weather , which is probably the final determining factor to success!!!

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