Wednesday, December 9, 2009

8th December, 2009.

A female Merlin past the house in the early morning was a nice surprise, the weather that moved in shortly after wasn't! Squally rain advancing in waves up the glen was most certainly not as planned or welcome.

So concentrated on getting the other Blogs up and running ( see Islay Wildlife, Enviro-conservation concerns and Vaunted Yiews! ). In between made enquiries relating to the updating exercise of the Argyll and Bute Biodiversity Plan, which now appears to be running to a very tight consultation period. I do wonder whether Planning Authorities and their agents deliberately put out plans they're least enthusiatic about at Christmas time and other holiday periods when the 28 days, or whatever is allowed for consultation, ends up being constrained due to everyone's commitments. Take note!

I'm now fully prepared for a health ladened winter having had the seasonal flu vaccine yesterday and the Swine flu this evening!! No excuses re poor weather and the like!.

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