Monday, December 28, 2009

A day of transition?

Compared to recent days today was milder, relatively that is , and altogether more pleasant. Whilst I didn't have a lot of time I managed a good scout around Loch Indaal. I was a bit disappointed with the results as sections of the merse were still frozen and numbers of birds quite low. By way of compensation some good views of Great Northern Diver were obtained and reinforced the need to have a camera ready even on domestic linked trips!!

The recent poor weather had obviously "hit" the southern and eastern parts of the island , contrasted against the south west portion ( thankfully my bit!), with far more remnant evidence of snow and ice present. The Paps of Jura still look magnificent bathed in snow and provide a backdrop to any journey taken to the north of the island, in my case to Port Askaig to pick up my teenage daughters on the afternoon ferry. Whilst active birding might be a little impaired over the next ten days or so, quite rightly, I'll doubtless now have the time to indulge in a few bits of research, holiday planning and so on, although with an inevitable focus on early mornings as, thereafter, the demands of social networking completely overtake the capacity of computer facilities available!!

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