Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5th January,2010.

A long day involving a journey to and from Oban for the return of the girls. Thankfully road conditions here hadn't worsened despite a little snow overnight. The nice surprise was a beautiful sunlit morning ,which converted the ferry journey into one of those worthy of remembrance! The bright sun, blue sky and sea and the panorama of snow clad peaks to the north , both on the islands and on the mainland, was absolutely spectacular and a fitting memory for any tourists returning after a holiday here. All seen, of course, from the comfort of the upper deck lounge!!

Whilst the mainland roads weren't good we got there in the end! Sadly the second leg of the journey , for Yvonne and the girls back to Kirkhill, Inverness, was nightmarish with blizzards coming in from the east and a much longer journey than normal. At least it was " mission accomplished" despite the trauma.

Of birds , there was little to be seen. All of the inland lochs appeared to be frozen over, and little seemed to be on the move. Forlorn little parties of Mallard and Wigeon were strung along the loch edge south of Lochgilphead, together with a few Oystercatcher, Curlew and Redshank, and much seems to have vacated the area altogether. The forecast for the next few days doesn't appear too good but we will simply have to see, and cope!

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