Thursday, January 7, 2010

No let up in weather conditions!

The freezing conditions persist despite periods of daytime sunshine. Out all day goose counting in ideal conditions of visibility , but an icebound ground surface on all but the major roads ( we managed to "float" off a very icy horizontal track into the woodland edge at Loch Skerrols). Some large "packs " of Barnacle Geese were in evidence, often on south facing ground where the sun was encouraging a slight thaw. Greenland White-fronted Geese, as commented on previously, are now tucked away and using all manner of small areas to seemingly good effect. Two Common Snipe in a ditch alongside a busy road also demonstrated how adaptable birds can become.

I was surprised at the number of Lapwing present on various pastures, possibly in higher numbers than a few days ago. As ever Rooks, Hooded Crows, Jackdaws and Common Gulls keep an attentive presence around any foddering out areas, or where there has been some muck spreading. Whilst it is difficult to be certain, the number of Blackbirds appears to have increased and there was a couple of areas where numbers of Redwing and Starlings were feeding, along with lesser numbers of Fieldfare. All possible evidence of birds moving around in search of food.
A male Sparrowhawk failed in an attempt to catch prey at Carrabus but doubtless, given the conditions, some weakening candidate will become available.

And finally.....a Collared Dove in Bowmore in song and display flight. Ardour in the arbour, as it were!

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