Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gyr Falcon still present.

Overnight , a little snow but such disappeared fairly quickly. Given I'd a few other matters to attend to I kept to the southern end of the Rinns as far as birding was concerned. Small birds were few and far between , except around specific , and isolated, feeding spots, but a small number of Blackbirds and Song Thrushes are in evidence. Despite the still fairly low temperatures and conditions a good number of Lapwings were around together with the odd Golden Plover . A sea watch was quite interesting by contrast. Numbers of auks were moving south offshore, varying numbers of Fulmar were "at sea" ,but none were inshore or at the local colonies, a few Gannet were evident and increased activity levels were apparent by local Shags.

A little later the now "local" Gyr Falcon was found, in the same general location on McKenzie Island off Portnahaven, but in the lee of a rock outcrop giving some shelter from the northerly wind. A lone Chough was seen north of the village, normally a regular feature but, in fact, the first I've seen there this year. And finally, in the late afternoon, and at home, the single female Brambling put in a very brief appearance, and never even fed before heading off back towards the conifer blocks opposite.

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