Thursday, April 22, 2010

21st April,2010.

A much improved day with lots of sunshine and feeling really warm in sheltered areas but with a cutting northerly wind.

a good part of the day was spent on "new ground" at a couple of locations, which is always something I enjoy. A few more Swallows are now around and a new Cuckoo had selected a territory from which it poured out its call through the late morning and part of the afternoon. Best of all was witnessing the "random arrival" of an immature Golden Eagle into an area, which brought about the immediate arrival of an adult from nearby on what was undoubtedly a mission to check things out, after which it descended in a steep path back towards its territory. Excellent views were had of both in a wonderful clear blue sky, magical stuff!! Later a female Merlin had an exchange with one of the local Hooded Crows on the moor opposite home.

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