Thursday, April 8, 2010

7th April,2010.

A slightly cold westerly wind , but bright and sunny and, where sheltered , quite warm. The recent improvement in temperature has seen an absolute outburst of daffodils in gardens and along verges giving real colour to the landscape!

A morning sighting was extremely fortunate in its timing....that of a Buzzard with an Adder in its talons transporting it across to a nearby plantation. The Adder writhed and twisted in time honoured fashion, but the bird held on to its prize.

Most of the day on Jura along the Sound. A single Swallow winged its way north and,by contrast, news came that the Light-bellied Brent Geese near " Green Island" have been there all winter, in likelihood a new wintering area if "adopted" in future. The fact that 27 birds have remained there suggests the area to be suitable, particularly given the conditions encountered over the winter. Whether due to context , or proximity, I always find Jura very rewarding for birding despite numbers and variety being lower than ,say, the area around Loch Indaal.

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