Monday, April 5, 2010

4th April,2010.

A really pleasant day with lots of sunshine and with light winds.

For me a day of two halves as I decided I must get various arrangements in hand relating to the BTO Atlas Survey. The penultimate breeding season survey commenced on the 1st April and I suspect time will now literally fly by before the final date at the end of July in 2011. As it is the coverage of Islay and Jura is not that bad following the sterling efforts of several visitors and a temporary contract worker on Jura for a week. Many thanks to every one's efforts, which have gone a long way to supplement the dedicated work of the very few residents here who are involved. Many thanks indeed. By contrast Colonsay has received almost total coverage from the combined efforts of RSPB staff and David Jardine. Well done, but a relief too!

I used the afternoon to check out some key sites/species locally, although not much else appeared to be on offer. A group of Northern Wheatear, all males, suggested a small "fall" had taken place previously but no others were seen elsewhere. A Great Northern Diver off the coast appeared not to have a vestige of fresh plumage and was a stark reminder winter has not yet turned its back on us completely!!

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