Wednesday, October 13, 2010

12th October,2010.

Early morning saw conditions redolent of India or SE Asia with mist hanging over the landscape whilst the sun gradually bathed the overall background. A fine day resulted, but with more cloud than yesterday and cooler temperatures.

Thrushes had obviously been on the move overnight as a Blackbird was near the house, the first since last winter, and Redwing in the adjacent rough pasture. The Chiffchaff was still present in the early morning, but appeared to have left by evening. More generally things seemed to be rather quiet with nothing of interest being found. The anticipated arrival of wintering geese drags on, which I suspect is more impatience on my part rather than delay on theirs!!

The sea was virtually flat calm. As I've mentioned before, the absence of wind and the quietness it brings always creates a rather surreal atmosphere , particularly when the sea is quiet too. The lack of wave noise, even the lack of waves advancing up the beach, is strange and makes the whole view and experience appear as if strangely "frozen". As a consequence little was moving over the sea. A few Kittiwakes and also, notably , a few Common Gull given it's sometimes difficult to separate local birds from those on the move.

News from colleagues of "exotic" arrivals elsewhere, particularly County Durham!!!, provides the motivation to get out there keep and keep looking and recording!!

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