Saturday, October 16, 2010

13th October,2010.

Another change in the weather with a somewhat grey day and cooler too, although admittedly fine.

On the south Rinns things were very quiet as if the few newly arrived passerines of yesterday had taken advantage of the good weather and moved on. No further thrushes had arrived and the sea was again very quiet. The winds are changing into the north which heralds the arrival of some geese at least, particularly with birds having been recorded off Lewis .

I was saddened to learn that only seven nests of Hen Harrier had been successful in England this year with a total of 23 young raised. Regrettably at least five other nests had failed, whose success would have otherwise boosted the number of young produced significantly. Whilst there is always the possibility of other odd pairs going unrecorded, or undeclared, the population is still perilously low. Initiatives aimed at eliminating the persecution that still goes on are not receiving the breakthrough they deserve and the "battle" against prejudice and self serving interest will still need to go on despite it being 2010. Thankfully the population in Scotland is higher and more productive but there are still incidents of wanton destruction which, to their credit, the Scottish Government has condemned and pledged to change.

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