Friday, October 8, 2010

8th October, 2010.

A more routine but busy day providing evidence that many of the Light-bellied Brent Geese have moved on, as was expected. Duck numbers continue to improve and the major WeBS count on Sunday should be of interest!. Otherwise what I saw was as much as yesterday. The brisk, but warmer, SE winds continue much to the chagrin of the sea watcher!!!

News that the revised Risk Assessment relating to the Eagle Owl, viewed as an alien species by the UK Government, will be thoroughly considered by the Minister concerned, all aspects evaluated and no hurried decisions taken, is to be welcomed. Good sense at last!

Arctic Tern... a bird of this species re trapped on the Farne Islands this summer had been ringed there originally, as a chick, in 1980!! No mean feat of an achievement in itself for a bird! However, remember that this species winters in the waters of the Antarctic so it is estimated that it has travelled close to a million miles in its lifetime already!! Humbling thought isn't it, and the two I saw yesterday immediately earned more than respect and support in terms of what was in front of them! Stop off on the eastern coast of Brazil for heavens sake!!!

44,000 miles per year under your own steam and we're being asked to reduce our car usage in the cause of global warming. Worth reflecting on as co-inhabitants of this planet!

Time has allowed me to commence using the other Blogs again that I (imperfectly) maintain, take a look , with more to come on a regular basis! Links above.

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