Thursday, January 13, 2011

Auks and petrels.

Somewhat murky day, but a degree or so warmer which meant black ice and such had receded as a threat!

Goose counting once more with some numbers again apparent , but not necessarily in traditional places. A further look for the collared bird as I returned home at the end of the afternoon was unsuccessful......patience!

Odd Fulmars were around at Kilchoman cliffs, 26-30 at Kilchiaran and at least 28 at Claddach Bay, with ten pairs noted at each of the latter sites, serenely sitting out on the cliffs as if spring was upon us. These periodic visits in winter are quite intriguing and suggests they congregate at their traditional haunts to "touch base" for a while after being farther out at sea. Other birds were offshore too, as were odd Razorbill flying north and a single Puffin. We don't enjoy all that many Puffin sightings off this coast , but occasional birds are picked up dead around this time of year, usually as part of the Beached Bird Survey organized by RSPB, confirming that odd ones are around.

Other sightings included a flock of about 120 Rock Doves ( one of 160 had been present on the Oa recently ) and a male Merlin chasing Rock Pipits along the shore of Loch Indaal.

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