Monday, January 17, 2011

Seek and ye shall find! 17.1.2011.

Birding part of the day around other "domestic" commitments. After the windy weather of late things had settled down and eventually it turned out to be a very pleasant sunny day.

Circumstances proved perfect to catch up with the local Greenland White-fronted goose flock which I've been repeatedly trying to get close to recently. Luck then provided an easy opportunity to read the collar details on the bird that I saw a couple of weeks ago and suspected was still around. Thankfully I can report J3H is alive and well and using favourite fields close by to where I first found it in early October, 2008. See the posting on 9/10/2008 for full details. Remarkable to think that , even since that date, the bird has completed four more trips either returning to West Greenland or to here. An adult male when caught on 16 July ,2008 it must have completed trips previously as well!!

Had an opportunity to look at Outer Loch Indaal but really very little. Great Northern Diver numbers were extremely low and few other birds were in the mouth of the loch. Called at the RSPB Gruinart office for some survey returns and had an opportunity to have a brief look at the reserve. Some nice Pintail, Shoveler, and Wigeon plus various parties of Teal. small birds very much seem to be at a premium at the moment.

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