Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goose numbers back on track!

A pleasant day eventually, but marred by stories of the effects of "black ice" here and there. A comment on my level of alertness in the mornings being that I drove through the "worst" area without noticing anything!!

A few minutes after departure from home the sight of a hunting Barn Owl at 0830 hours was both pleasing and intriguing. Very rarely do our Barn Owls appear in daylight at either end of the day, particularly compared to other parts of the UK, e.g. Norfolk in winter, where they can sometimes be seen for a significant part of the day in certain areas and attract photographers on that basis. Nonetheless , a welcome sight!

Goose counting all day. Numbers now seem to be "normal" and a flock of 1000 Barnacle Geese in flight and 1700 feeding nearby indicated a return to more usual levels!! As we were counting a "hard core goose route" few other bird sightings of much interest arose, despite looking !!

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